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Pula Pub Crawl

Pula pub crawl is the most popular nightlife activity that city of Pula has to offer. Enjoy our experience, meet crazy travellers from all around the world and have the best and most fun party of your trip.
You will meet your Pula pub crawl guide at 10pm and then,… then we guarantee that this will be a night you will not remember but you’ll never forget. 🙂


Free shots

Strong local shots to get you going for a night.

Best venues

We take you to at least 3 epic stations - 3 bars where party is assured

beer pong competition

Drinking games

Meet new friends through playing Jenga, hook game,...

crazy parrty guides

Crazy guides

We are your wing-men, we don’t only party for you but we party with you


We prepared discounts for you for all the recommended places in Pula

Pula pub crawl includes:

Special online price


You will pay directly to your guide in cash 119kn/person

"I woke up with such a hangover that for a moment I thought I was in Rome #colosseum. Then I realised it was a crazy night with Pula pub crawl." 🙂

Meeting point:

Crawl time:


Everyday from 8. July - 30. September 2021

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Dear fellow traveller, we are bringing you the best possible nightlife experience in Pula we can! Sign up and enjoy your night with us. 
(Pub crawl is amended due to Covid-19 restrictions)

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    Pula pub crawl

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    How we do it?

    After meeting your guide at 10 PM, you will be presented to all the others and than you will go to your first venue. 
    At the beginning you’ll take your shot and we will teach you how to say cheers in Croatian language and than we will start playing beer pong. 
    After the winners proclaim their “trophy” we will move to another pub. Now you already met everyone and you are ready to roll! This will be a place where the real fun begins with animations such as chung your beer upside down, limbo dance and others.  
    To make it even crazier we will give you special Pula’s scavenger hunt – challenge list in the third place, to have an amazing night.
    (Experience is amended a bit due to the Covid 19 restrictions).


    Meeting point:
    Forum square
    (in front of Temple of Augustus – search for the yellow t-shirt)

    #1 Nightlife activity in Pula

    Pula pub crawl I'd really recommend to participate in Pula pub crawl because you can meet with many other young and interesting people from many other places. I think best would be to go pub crawl when arriving to city because you will explore city then and maybe find a mate to spend your rest of vacation with. I think if I'd visit Pula again I would go again to the crawl because it will be different every time because ppl you meet are different.
    Silver O.

    How to party in Pula?

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